Best Dyson vacuums: Find the best Dyson vacuum cleaner for you from £192


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There aren’t many vacuum cleaner brands that can match Dyson for recognition. For good reason too – the company is one of the more innovative in the field and consistently comes up with powerful and high-quality offerings.

Famous for its bagless vacuum cleaners that use cyclonic separation to remove dust from the air stream, Dyson vacuums are among the most popular in the country. With such a broad and varied catalogue of available models, though, it can be tough to pick out the right one for you.

To help you choose, we’ve rounded up the best vacuum cleaners Dyson produces in each category, picked out our favourite overall model, and put together a buying guide, as well as a breakdown of each vacuum cleaner’s features. Read on to find out more.

How to buy the best Dyson vacuum cleaner for you

What sets a Dyson apart from other vacuum cleaners?

As mentioned above, Dyson vacuum cleaners are bagless and use "cyclonic separation" technology to remove dust particulates from the air. These features are included in every model, whether it’s an upright, handheld, robot or cylinder vacuum.

The bagless technology is somewhat self-explanatory and means that you don’t have to spend extra money on replacement bags. While that’s a positive, emptying the dust container on these cleaners does produce dust clouds, no matter how careful you are. This means bagless cleaners aren’t the best for those who suffer from dust allergies.

As for the cyclonic separation technology, well that refers to the cones at the top of the internal dust canister. They use the airflow to separate dust and dirt from the air, depositing more waste – including microscopic particles – into the canister without the need for complex filters.

Another Dyson innovation is the Ball. This is, as the name suggests, a large ball upon which the vacuum cleaner pivots. Thanks to this single pivot, Dyson cleaners are easier to manoeuvre around the house in comparison to traditional wheel-based vacuums. Note that the Ball is only available on Dyson’s upright and cylinder vacuums, not its cordless models.

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What type of Dyson vacuum cleaner should I buy?

Dyson produces four models of vacuum cleaner: the traditional upright, the compact cylinder, the handheld, the cordless stick and finally, the robot.

Upright – This is a one-piece unit and the model that most closely resembles the traditional machine you no doubt picture when you think of a vacuum cleaner. The suction head is at the bottom, the handle is at the top and the dust container mounted in between. It’s a simple, tried and tested design.

These tend to have the largest capacity so you less time spent emptying them and you can cover larger areas in a shorter amount of time than other models. On the downside, they're heavier than other models and the mains cord and detachable hose mean they're not the most convenient type of vacuum to use on the stairs.

Cylinder – These are basically two-part vacuums, with a main body consisting of the dust canister and the Ball. This main body is then connected, via flexible hose, to the handle and main suction tube. They’re lighter and easier to manoeuvre than upright vacuums, but have a smaller capacity and can be a bit more awkward to store.

Cordless – Something of a cross between the cylinder and handheld models, Dyson's cordless vacuums have a motorised head mated to a long, rigid tube and the dust container and motor mounted on top. They're powered by a rechargeable battery, super-convenient, very light and can be easily manoeuvred in tight spaces. The smaller cleaning head and relative lack of capacity compared to an upright vacuum mean it can take more time to clean a larger space, though.

Handheld – These are, as the name suggests, handheld models. They’re small, portable and, since they're rechargeable, don't need to be plugged into the mains while you're cleaning with them. The size of these models means they’re ideal for cleaning small spaces such as cars, or around sofas and other furniture, though if you already have a cordless stick vacuum, you probably don't need one of these. Their limited battery life and relative lack of suction power compared to larger models are negative points, however.

Robot – Rather obviously named, these are automatic vacuums: small pods that make their way around the home unaided. While they conveniently cut out the manual labour aspect of vacuuming, their cleaning power can’t match the larger models, they can't clean the stairs, require a relatively clear floor area and can sometimes have trouble finding their way around. They also tend to be far more expensive than more powerful, standard vacuums.

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The best Dyson vacuum cleaners from £192

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute: The best Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner

Price: £450 | Buy now from Amazon

This cordless vacuum cleaner is simply the best vacuum cleaner on the market. It isn’t the most powerful around but its light weight and versatility make up for that in spades. The V10 Absolute’s quietness and ease of use are additional positives.

An upgrade on the V8 with a more powerful motor and a bigger dust container, this is Dyson’s best cordless cleaner. The battery lasts up to 60 minutes in Eco mode, and max boost mode adds upright vacuum cleaning performance for stubborn dirt.

There are three models available: the Animal, Absolute and Total Clean. The Absolute is the model we recommend because you it gets you three motorised heads and all the attachments you need.

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Key specs - Dimensions (WDH): 250 x 256 x 1,249mm; Weight: 2.61kg; Bin capacity: 0.8l; Vacuum type: Cordless handheld; Bagless: Yes; Suction power - stated (AW): 150

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor: The best Dyson upright vacuum cleaner

Price: £192 | Buy now from Amazon

Closer to a traditional vacuum cleaner, the Light Ball Multi Floor still bears all the hallmarks of a Dyson vacuum. For a start, there’s the ball upon which it pivots, which makes it easier to manoeuvre in cramped areas than most other uprights. It's also bagless and uses Dyson's patented cyclone tech.

At 6.9kg it isn't the lightest of things but plus points it holds over smaller, more convenient machines include the large capacity – it can clean several rooms before needing to be emptied – and strong suction power. Cheaper than the rest of the range, it's the best value for money Dyson around.

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Key specs - Dimensions (WDH): 281 x 384 x 1,057mm; Weight: 6.9kg; Bin capacity: 1.6l; Vacuum type: Corded upright; Bagless: Yes; Vacuum power - stated (AW): 245

Dyson Big Ball Animal 2: The best Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaner

Price: £300 | Buy now from Amazon

Another Dyson to feature the Ball design, the Big Ball cylinder vacuum packs the same capacity and a similar amount of power to the Light Ball into a smaller, easier to move package. It's corded, so not as convenient to use as the Cyclone V10, but it has more suction power and, thanks to its ball-shaped design, it self-rights when it topples over.

The tangle-free turbine tool is good for dealing with pet hairs, while combination and stair tools make tricky spots that much easier to clean. Also included is Dyson's clever pneumatic head, which adjusts suction automatically depending on the floor type it detects. With the nozzle and hose, storage can be a faff, but it’s great for smaller dwellings.

Key specs - Dimensions (WDH): 347 x 397 x 308mm; Weight: 7.5kg; Bin capacity: 1.6l; Vacuum type: Corded cylinder; Bagless: Yes; Vacuum power - stated (AW): 180

Dyson V7 Trigger: The best Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner

Price: £195 | Buy now from Amazon

One for cleaning cars, sofas, countertops and the like, the V7 Trigger can’t match the larger Dyson offerings for power and capacity, but it’s the most portable vacuum the firm offers. It’s the second-weakest vacuum in terms of suction power on this list but will cope with the crumbs, dirt and pet hair that makes its way into those tight spaces.

Three tools are included in the package, including the all-important crevice and combination tools, and the V7's 30-minute runtime is long enough to cope with most small jobs. An excellent vacuum but only buy one to complement to your primary vacuum.

Key specs - Dimensions (WDH): 131 x 316 x 206mm; Weight: 1.38kg; Vacuum type: Cordless handheld; Bagless: Yes; Vacuum power - stated (AW): 100

Dyson 360 Eye: A superb robot vacuum cleaner

Price: £900 | Buy now from Amazon

One for those who don’t actually want to do the cleaning themselves, the 360 Eye is among the best robot vacuums on the market today. It’s a great time saver and its compact size and tank-track wheels make light work of low-lying obstacles and awkward door thresholds. It's surprisingly powerful, too, picking up dirt on most surfaces, ranging from tiles to carpets.

The big downside with Dyson's robot vacuum, though, is the high price. Considering it can’t clean stairs and isn't as powerful as a more traditional vacuum cleaner, you really have to hate vacuuming to make it worth the money.

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Key specs - Dimensions (WDH): 120 x 242 x 230mm; Weight: 2.4kg; Bin capacity: 0.33l; Vacuum type: Cordless robot; Bagless: Yes; Vacuum power - stated (AW): 80